Welcome to Cynefin!

CYNEFIN Consultants are more than 5 years old experienced consultancy ,which works on developing Right people ,in the Right Place, And also helps them in providing With the Right opportunity to grow .

We focus not only on developing the skills but also the attitude because we believe In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and — Your Job is done .


HR Setup

Principles of our work


Decency on time and work is key of successful business.


Work done by an expert is always perfect. We have a team of experts for all domains.


Efficiency in work is mandatory hence our experts are experienced for years in their work.

Our services

We mix and match intensive training with equal thrust on job skills and behavioral development. Group therapies and seminars are organized to encourage professional rapport and keep employee morale running high. We realize the value that people add to our organization and formulate policies that take into consideration individual needs and benefits.


We provide deserving and proficient candidates.

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Customized training solution for clients.

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Payroll Management

Choose the best to manage your payrolls.

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